Any gamer can immediately tell whether a developer truly cares about the experiential quality of their new release.

Our gaming experts have seen trends come and go and SuperOne is a testament to the experience of play. It is the amalgamation of everything enjoyed about mobile gaming, then supercharged by blockchain technology and crypto profitability!

Our game experience is detailed by master gamers, gaming psychologists, leading developers and many more key inputs. From creative design to smart contract integration, SuperOne touches every base and we do it for you!

SuperOne is by and for gamers, as well as crypto enthusiasts of all levels. The combo of exciting gameplay and tangible, instant rewards is hard to pass up. Constantly thrilling and infinitely rewarding.

Welcome to feel how the future plays!


SuperOne rewards its valued players in many ways.

First and foremost, SuperOne offers games with thrilling crypto prizes, ranging from frequent randombonuses to life-changingjackpots. Nothing beats cool crypto prizes straight to your wallet.

Furthermore, SuperOne provides a fresh and funky gameplay experience, channeling your mental progresswhile offering lucrativecrypto networking rewards.

Purchase SuperOne tokens and tap into a first-of-its-kind, transparent crypto networking platform thathas forecasters noddingin favour. All those reward levels and we haven’t even mentioned the huge network of like-mindedplayersyou are about to join, making new friends around the world as you become a key member of SuperOne’sglobalnetwork!

Welcome, it’s rewarding!


The simplicity of SuperOne gameplay is due in part to the complexity of its underlying algorithms

No corners have been cut – our industry-regarded creators put their heads together to create the infrastructure beneath the seamless SuperOne experience.

We implement sophisticated gaming algorithms adapted for potent blockchain functionality. Fully decentralised, trustless and evolved for mass adoption.

SuperOne’s algorithmic make up enables a proud new step into the future age of mobile gaming. The concept is unique, proprietary and continuously updated as we continue to exceed global safety, reliability and profitability standards.

With complete control and ownership over its gaming algorithms, SuperOne is positioned to push industry valuations and create exponential value for stakeholders.

Welcome to open-ended value!


SuperOne is designed to provide you players with a new, unique play experience. With the emergence of new blockchain technologies, we also offer transformative gaming features and opportunities.

At SuperOne’s core is the unique swiping picture-based gaming experience that makes the gaming experience delightful.

You can play with a wide range of free games and boost your arsenal by purchasing and playing with premium features. Each comes with unique features that make them useful tactical items to have!

Players can also buy into prize games with game credits.

The goal of the game is to get as many correct answers as possible in the shortest time. Some prizes are invisible, which means one could come at any point.

The features make gameplay even more exciting as a sequence of slick moves might see you surpass several prizes!

Welcome to truly unique gaming experiences.


SuperOne operates on a comprehensive technology platform, which includes a wide range of gaming andnetworking opportunities.

The underlying algorithms empowering the SuperOne platform incorporate a unique built-in flexibilitywhen it comes to enduser game presentation and experience.

This inherent flexibility enables a wide range of games to operate with collective prize pools,significantly enhancing prizeliquidity.

SuperOne is already responsible for evolving several gaming concepts and you can expect to seeadditional “sibling games”utilising the platform as we steam ahead. All for the benefit of their stakeholders.

Our strategy is to create a “SuperFamily” of rewarding games, so we have also secured a great range ofsuper domains to accommodatefuture releases.

Welcome to the SuperFamily!